DYNAMIC FRAME was founded in 2013 as an independent production company, located in the heart of Zurich. We produce a variety of moving image content, such as fiction and documentary films, commercials and music videos. We are committed to developing and maintaining sustainable and solution-driven production processes with our clients and collaborators.

Find us here:

Binzstrasse 29
8045 Zürich

Luzius Fischer
Executive Producer / Partner
Jonas Ulrich
Director, Creative Producer / Partner
Theresa Berres
Producer Commercials
Nicole Boner-Ulrich
Producer Fiction & Doc
Philipp Ritler
Producer Fiction & Doc
Jeanna Koba
Producer Commercials
Daniel Loepfe
Post-Production Supervisor
Zoé Buess
Junior Post-Producer
Noa Röthlisberger
Post-Production Supervisor
Daniel Blumensev
Assistant Editor & Camera Assistant
Nayan Barby
Office Manager
Sven Brauchli
Camera Assistant & Infrastructure
Luana Franziscus
Production Intern Commercial
Joris Keller
Production Intern Fiction & Doc
Claudio Sipka
Freelance Motion Artist
Jonas Fischer
Freelance Director of Photography